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At Neighborhood Naturopathic, we strive to identify and resolve disturbances to your health by supporting your body’s inherent capacity to maintain optimal function. By combining the latest research and evidence base with time-tested natural approaches to healing, we offer solutions to your health concerns. Together, we will address your health and individuality. The goal of the Naturopathic approach is a complete resolution of illness, feeling wonderful, and cultivating personal empowerment and satisfaction in your life. This is possible!

Client Testimonials

“After having prostate cancer surgery I still needed to undergo radiation therapy. I was concerned about the side effects I was told I would be experiencing, so I consulted Dr. Litchy. Before the therapy started, Dr. Litchy gave advice and prescribed supplements to fight fatigue and anxiety, build my immune system and minimize side effects. Throughout the therapy my oncologist was surprised at how well I was doing and the minimal side effects. I even was able to keep my usual running schedule (as recommended by Dr. Litchy). Dr. Litchy made a difficult situation much easier to endure.”
Pat R., St. Cloud
“I had my first appointment with Dr. Litchy. He was kind and thoughtful and concerned with my health. He offered simple ideas I can do to get better along with some supplementation that I can try. This way I can avoid prescription drugs, which I prefer to stay away from. What I like is that he is trying to get to the bottom of what is causing some health concerns rather than mask it with drugs. I want to fix/correct the cause and he is the person to work with to do so. I am so happy I am working with him and motivated to take care of my health under his guidance.”
Robin J., Minneapolis
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