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Health Coaching

Individual Health Coaching

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start?  Or, if you know you need support to make lifestyle choices that create more wellbeing in your life, individual health coaching might be a great fit for you.

Individual health coaching starts with a safe space for you to settle into, where you can unravel all of the blocks that are keeping you from making the lifestyle choices you desire in your life. You coach will provide compassionate, nonjudgmental support as you confront old habits that aren’t serving the life you want to live. You are challenged to design a vision for your life that inspires you to reach for higher levels of wellbeing; create new habits and thoughts that uplift you; and establish new support systems everywhere in your life. Imagine having support systems in your physical environment, financial life, social life, and community life that make it easier for you to take the action that leads to lasting lifestyle change. Coaching can change what’s possible in your life and create ease as you walk the journey.

Together we will problem solve your barriers to success and create an action plan to support your desired outcomes. And every step of the way, no matter what arises, we will settle into the safe space, tune into our inner wisdom and work through whatever life hands you with patience and compassion. You will feel empowered to make changes and will build confidence as you go.

If you are working with an integrative provider:

Individual health coaching offers you the opportunity for undivided attention and support as you align with your treatment plan. It’s not easy making drastic lifestyle changes, but your health coach has done it many times in her own life. She knows what it feels like to leave the comfort of lifelong habits and patterns of behavior, what the pitfalls are that make it hard to stay on track, and what support she wishes she had experienced when going through those changes. She takes all of that lived experience and marries it with training in behavioral change and coaching processes to support you in adhering to treatment plans that will improve the quality of your life.

Some insurances will cover sessions.

Group Health Coaching

Group health coaching is a place to have a meaningful, confidential conversation with a small group of individuals who are also making lifestyle changes. The group setting provides an opportunity to share common experiences and struggles while creating new support. Individuals who participate in group health coaching report feeling heard, understood, supported, and held accountable to the lifestyle changes they intend to make. They also report feeling less alone in the challenges that accompany changing familiar lifestyle habits.

In group coaching you will become aware of the automatic behaviors that keep you from the level of wellbeing you desire. You will set individual goals and work through challenges that arise as you put your plans into action. The magic of group coaching is that often, what other members of the group are experiencing will inform your individual journey. And you will have access to wisdom and ideas of many different individuals at your disposal. Group coaching is a powerful tool for shifting your habits and reaching new levels of wellbeing.