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Personalized Naturopathic Medicine

“Personalized medicine, also called precision or individualized medicine, is an evolving field in which physicians use diagnostic tests to identify specific biological markers, often genetic, that help determine which medical treatments and procedures will work best for each patient. By combining this information with an individual’s medical records, circumstances, and values, personalized medicine allows doctors and patients to develop targeted treatment plans and utilize targeted medicines … the field aims, in part, to maximize the value of every dollar spent by identifying with more precision which medical treatments and procedures will work best for each patient.”1

naturopathic doctor with patient

Personalized healthcare is a multi-faceted approach to patient care that not only improves our ability to diagnose and treat disease, but offers the potential to detect disease at an earlier stage, when it is easier to treat effectively. Naturopathic principles are compatible with the goals of personalized healthcare: identifying and treating the root cause, treating the whole person, and prevention.

At Neighborhood Naturopathic we strive to utilize personalized healthcare with every patient. We offer cutting edge testing and interpretation, and individualize our recommendations and treatments to provide effective, efficient, and personalized healthcare in line with the principles of naturopathic medicine.

1 Personalized Medicine Coalition. The Personalized Medicine Report: Opportunity, Challenges, and the Future. PMC website. Accessed March 17, 2017.

Imprecision Medicine

For every person they do help (blue), the ten highest-grossing drugs in the United States fail to improve conditions of between 3 and 24 people (red).

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