Maybe you don’t have a lot of time right now to sit and breathe. But did you know that by capitalizing on transitions, you can build in little bits of resilience all day long? Capitalizing on transitions means using the time we spend doing certain consistent activities (think waking up in the morning, commuting, walking to meetings, etc.) in an intentional way to help keep our nervous system relaxed.

For instance, consider when you first wake up in the morning. Can you take 3-5 deep breaths before you get out bed? Can you set a positive intention for your day? And then on your morning commute, can you take a few more deep breaths and think about something that brings you joy? Then there is likely a lunch break and other activities that happen for you on most days. The idea for this resilience hack is to identify transitions that you can count on and add a resilience building practice to them that doesn’t take extra time or planning.

Think of all of the transitions that exist in your day. How can you use them to build resilience and remind your nervous system that things are A-Okay?